Numerous shipping organizations have faced disruptive events having a negative impact to their reputation within the industry. Shipping organizations can adopt new ways to mitigate potential problems and subsequent losses.
Use InCaseIT to mobilize, organize, and coordinate during a crisis situation.

Slash response time

Instant mobilisation of personnel with live status updates. Interact, communicate and coordinate using conference-calls and InChat.

Save lives and values

Manage critical situations using predefined scenarions with easy to use task management tool.

Real-time interaction

Information is instantly shared via app or web. Everyone is updated at all times.

Mobilize personnel

Notify and mobilize your personnel via SMS, e-mail, push notifications and voice messages. Automated realtime tracking of responses.

Checklists and awareness

Checklists with relevant tasks readily available. Assign and update tasks on any device and get realtime situation updates.

Plans and documents

Empower your personnel to take the right course of action by having access to relevant information, plans and scenario specific documents in InCaseIT.

Case: DESS Aquaculture Shipping

How DESS Aquaculture Shipping is digitizing their contingency plans and modernize their crisis organization. Download your copy and read the case study.

Product walkthrough

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"InCaseIT is a very good system that allows us to both notify and communicate during an incident. The system also include tasks that we have set out as standard and which we initiate in case of crisis."

Jens Morten Corneliussen, HR Manager Vard Group AS

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