Real Estate

InCaseIT help property managers and security directors stay prepared, handle incidents seamlessly and ensure that properties are maintained and safe places to live and work.


Digitalised process, plans, checklists, alert- and message groups.


All relevant documents, evacuation and floor plans readily available.


Increased operational capabilites and corporate emergency awareness.

Get started with a tap​

InCaseIT lets your team quickly alert and handle an incident so you can quickly get back to normal operation, regardless of internal infrastructure.​

Mobile Evacuation Plans​

InCaseIT help you keep floor plans, evacuation and escape routes available and updated right on your hands.

Information Management​

InCaseIT help you get an overview of all participants and update documentation in the Emergency Organization where you always have the necessary information.

Case Study: Thon Hotel

Learn how the norwegian hotel chain Thon Hotel is using InCaseIT to digitize their emergency preparedness and crisis plan at their hotels.

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