Information Technology & Telecom

InCaseIT help IT departments, telecom and tech companies prevent, meet and minimize the impact of an incident in order to maintain critical operations and services.

Cloud Based

InCaseIT is 100% separated from your infrastructure. With a keystroke, you have established your readiness and can begin handling the incident.

Transparent Coordination

Establish a transparent management model where everyone, including your customers are updated and on track of the measures carried out.


InCaseIT will be instrumental in protecting the company’s values and that the data protection requirements are met.

InCaseIT Pro

Learn more about how InCaseIT Pro can help you digitize and improve your business preparedness and emergency management in our two page flyer.

Staying prepared is important.

"InCaseIT is a good system that allows us to both notify and communicate during an incident. The systema also includes tasks that we have set out as standard and which we initiate in case of crisis."

Jens Morten Corneliussen, HR Manager Vard Group AS

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