Privacy Policy

This privacy policy is applicable to the following services:

  1. InCaseIT and InCaseIT Pro (production platforms)
  2. InCaseIT Demo (demonstration and trial platform)
  3. InCaseIT UAT (user acceptance platform)

Pilotech – Application owner

InCaseIT, InCaseIT Pro and InCaseIT InSight are provided by Pilotech AS (Norwegian Organization ID 995 138 921). This policy describes how InCaseIT and its support systems (e.g. mobile applications and analytics tools) store and collects information and its purpose.

Type of data collected

To be able to provide the InCaseIT service we must store and process information about you and the organization(s) you are associated with¹.

Information provided by you or other persons associated with the organization you are associated with.

  • Personal information such as first name, surname, company, company title, email, phone number, corporate or private address, Next of Kin information.
  • Communication information initiated from the InCaseIT system via its communication tool and replies to messages initiated from InCaseIT.
  • Manually entered text data or files uploaded.

Information automatically collected

  • Device id information for security purpose in mobile applications.
  • Session information during an active session to maintain the user session and ensure security.
  • User activity (active usage or passive usage of the system) to provide an updated list of users currently active in a specific case.
  • Logging of users entering a specific case (e.g. incident, routine or inspection round) to be able to present this information upon written request from responsible organization.
  • System logs to be able to improve the service.
  • Network traffic for security reasons.
  • Usage data (device information, browser, versions of the system, usage of the system, language settings) to analysis of the service and to be able to improve it.

Legal basis for the data collection

InCaseIT is a service that is sold to businesses and organizations. The right to store data is regulated in the terms of employment or membership and its regulated via a Data Processing Agreement (DPA) between the organization and Pilotech AS.

Purpose of collection

The purpose of the data collection is to provide the InCaseIT service, being able to improve its user experience and for security reasons.

User rights

Persons right to get data rectified, to be forgotten, blocked or get stored personal data exported is regulated via the association to the responsible organization. Requests to do an action based on above categories shall be provide in a written request to the Pilotech HQ (Strandveien 37, 1366 Lysaker, Norway) which must be signed by the responsible party at the organization².

How are changes to the policy communicated?

Changes to the policy are communicated to responsible persons at the responsible organization.

The current version was updated: June 2021

¹Becoming “associated with” is a manual process done by a physical person or a system at one of Pilotech’s customers.
²If not the DPA stipulates something else.